Product Range

Lekkerland offers and guarantees a varied and comprehensive assortment of multiple product categories, thanks to the more than 400 national agreements with manufacturers and to our joining into Consorzio C3 which is part of Forum.

The possibility to purchase products of some of the most prestigious brands, that typically target only large retail structures, at the best market conditions is just one of the most important factors. Our product range sees constant updates and expansions based on data and market developments across the various sectors within it, a valuable source of information that is made available to all partnered distribution centers in order to adequately respond to consumer needs in a timely fashion.

Lekkerland additionally specializes in offering: regional, craft, and seasonal products (including those dedicated to special holidays), as well as those addressed to each individual channel served, and ones with high added value.

This is a forward-looking approach to pursuing effectiveness and efficiency, combined with timeliness and flexibility which together make for very high-quality service.