What we do for the consumer

Lekkerland is a consolidated group operating through traditional channels, that helps retailers, small supermarkets, shops, and coffee bars to provide the best sales and service conditions for consumers.

Lekkerland constantly analyzes the market, as well as new needs and habits of the public to be able to provide a range of products that satisfies the consumer in a timely and comprehensive fashion, therefore being an indispensable partner that retailer and bartenders can rely upon.

Furthermore, it offers a wide variety of private label products, the historic Lekkerland line that caters to everyone, and the new “Delizie della Tradizione” brand for those who want something more refined. Tradition, taste, and recipes that stemming from various regions, “Delizie della Tradizione” offers a range of premium products at a reasonable and competitive price.

As a distributor of branded products, as well as a very wide assortment of private label products, Lekkerland is a company that puts itself at the service of the consumer. A company that constantly listens and stands alongside the consumer.