The Board of Directors of Lekkerland, at the end of the approval of the 2020 financial statements, was unanimously reconfirmed.

Lekkerland Italia, despite the last year being troubled by months of closure of a large slice of customers and the crisis linked to the health situation, confirmed the positive trend in the balance sheet, receiving the applause of the shareholder structure.

The President, considering the excellent work done by all the Directors (Franco Serra – Vice President, Andreas Lona – Chief Executive Officer, Donato D’Ambrosio – Director, Antonio De Giorgi – Director, Guido Maccio – Director), proposed the re-election of the entire Board for another term, obtaining immediate approval by the assembly.

“Despite the pandemic, our group has been able to demonstrate solidity and flexibility in addressing the problems that have emerged especially in the horeca channel. The continuous development of the private label and the constant dialogue with the brand industry always makes us the most qualified interlocutor in the retail distribution panorama. ” – declared Antonio Sareni, President of Lekkerland Italia