The story of a Retailer

Mini Market – southern side of Milan

“Our mini-market has a relatively short 15-year-old history, it’s a neighborhood entity where one still tries to have a human relationship with their clients and can often do so. The market has changed in these past few years, and at surprising speed in many ways; particularly with how careful a client is when evaluating a product, the price, and what they are buying”

Our relationship with Lekkerland began approximately 4 years ago, it was an opportunity we took to open up a channel with many companies that didn’t consider us in the past, which meant we weren’t able to stock the right products in order to be competitive in terms of quality and price. Thanks to Lekkerland we have expanded our range of products. The service offered is excellent and efficient, the deliveries are punctual, and above all the help that their (I could just say also “our” at this point) agent is absolute certainty because he knows our needs, our flow of goods is careful with the product rotation, is always present at the same day of the week and at the same time. It’s a person we can count on.

Customers today are very loyal because they know what they’ll find, they always find it, and with a rewards card, there are additional advantages to always buy from us. Their needs have increased and we must always be ready to support them and to quickly respond appropriately to what they seek. That is something Lekkerland has enabled us to do.”