Lekkerland Italia joins the Consorzio C3


Lekkerland joins Consorzio C3, one of the most authoritative and dynamic players in modern distribution, adhering to the FORUM purchasing center which, with a market share of 9%, represents one of the major national players in organized distribution.

Lekkerland Italia, leader in the distribution of confectionery, beverage and impulse products on the traditional and Out of home channel, therefore a point of reference for small traders, bars and activities aimed at the public, will officially join the Consorzio C3 on the 1st January 2022.

“The membership of Lekkerland in the Consorzio C3 as partners, represents a fundamental step in our growth path. Our presence within the Consorzio C3, together with as many valid entrepreneurs directly involved in the development of their business, is a motivational element and a further boost to the expansion of Lekkerland on the national territory. – declares Antonio Sareni, President of Lekkerland Italy – Our organization is the only one of the traditional and impulsive channel able to collaborate with other realities of modern distribution “.

“We are very satisfied with the entry of Lekkerland into the Consorzio C3 – says Maggiorino Maiorana, President of the Consorzio C3 – a structured reality that responds to the values ​​of the companies of our Group, characterized by an agile and dynamic management which, combined with strong local roots , brings added value to the entire distribution chain of associated companies. This initiative is part of the development strategy of both the Consorzio C3 and the Forum group to which we belong, whose concrete objective is to encourage the growth of our businesses and to generate added value for the associated subjects “.