The story of a producer

How many years have you worked with Lekkerland?

The San Benedetto Group has been working with Lekkerland for over 20 years. At the time, Commendator Zoppas was looking for ideas and solutions to achieve greater store penetration. After careful analysis, he concluded that confectionery distribution companies could represent an ideal and extremely interesting category by which to achieve this goal. San Benedetto’s beverage products were the right answer to fill the seasonal drop in turnover of sweets while at the same time, helping to expand and complete the product range of the various points of sale.

Over the years, the collaboration has grown organically, following the evolution of the market which has led us to expand our product portfolio by adding water, soft drinks, tea, etc.

What is San Benedetto’s perception of the Lekkerland group?

It is a very solid group made up of collaborative and proactive partners, a company formed by serious professionals. Seriousness and professionalism are common values that we share, they are interesting as an entity, but at the same time cut across traditional boundaries. This is a major differentiating factor between Lekkerland and other groups devoted exclusively to beverages.

Lekkerland has often taken on the role of a pioneer when it comes to innovative products, looking proactively at new projects and new formats. That is what has prompted us to form numerous partnerships over the years.

Celebrating the company’s 40th anniversary with the “Make The Difference 3” event, what do you think?

It is certainly an important milestone in the history of a group/company to celebrate and they have chosen to do so by offering us an important showcase. A very interesting format for sure. We have chosen to be its main partner. We believe in them and the vision they have for the future. For us, in particular, it is a great opportunity to meet all their members and to further develop innovative B2B business projects.